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Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on April 8, 2011

Get on the Horn for Buckhorn™!

Northern Bag & Box Company is pleased to represent Buckhorn™ as one of their select few stock distributors in the country for the highly acclaimed Center Flow Container. Also known as the Center Flow SeedBox™ or Buckhorn™ Box, this revolutionary container is taking the agricultural market by storm. As customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, this reusable plastic box is ideal for transporting, storing and dispensing small, granular products like seed or feed.

With a 2,500 pound carrying capacity, the SeedBox™ Container measures 56.5” long and 45” wide and has a 58.3 cubic foot storage capacity. The height ranges from 39.3” when nested to 65” fully expanded. A smooth-sided interior funnel allows the box to be completely emptied without having to tip it over. With the proper equipment, this container can be used to carry and dispense seed directly to the field. The side access sliding door allows one person to control the rate of product discharge and the bottom is designed with solid oak panels for compatibility with forklifts—it’s its own pallet! Additionally, each box stacks nicely on top of the other optimizing your storage space—up to four boxes can be stacked together. The tight fitting lid protects your valuable commodities from contamination, moisture, rodents, dirt and dust. Plus, it’s completely recyclable!

If you’re looking for a revolutionary product that can be used year after year eliminating the cost of one-time use bags and their disposal, the Buckhorn™ Center Flow Container may be just what you’ve been waiting for. With planting season approaching, Northern Bag & Box Company has an ample supply of this highly sought after reusable Center Flow SeedBox™ on hand and can often times ship them out the same day or next day. But, don’t wait too long; they’re going fast.

Get on the horn today!

Northern Bag & Box sells Buckhorn™!

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