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B is for Bag…

Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on May 17, 2011

TOTE ALL: A Bag & Box All in One

It’s a bag. No, it’s a box! It’s a box and a bag!

Northern Bag & Box Company now stocks the totally versatile TOTE ALL. This sturdy woven polypropylene product folds like a box but carries like a bag. Measuring roughly 18” x 17” x 15”, the TOTE ALL has a striking green and white exterior, black and white interior, and braided green and white handles. This bag-in-a-box comes packaged thirty-two in a carton and can hold up to 100 pounds.

The TOTE ALL is the perfect re-usable choice for many of your miscellaneous household and office needs.

The TOTE ALL stands open by itself, making it ideal for one person. It’s especially handy in the lawn and garden arena making it the perfect re-usable receptacle for gathering weeds, grass clippings, leaves, and branches making yard clean-up quick and easy. It works wonderfully for gathering up harvested fruits and vegetables as well. Wash it out with the garden hose and re-use it year after year. It works wet or dry.

The TOTE ALL is also ideal for transporting firewood, laundry, groceries and just about anything you can imagine. Throw it in the back of your car, truck, boat, or trailer to keep things in place and your vehicle neat and tidy. Fill it with your beach gear on your next vacation. Collect and sort your recyclables. Store your sports equipment, children’s toys, camping gear, tools, and pet supplies. It’s the ultimate transportable junk drawer!

Around the office, the TOTE ALL is great for collecting papers to shred, storing files, and moving just about anything. When you’re finished, fold it up flat for easy storage. Don’t miss out on this bag and box all in one.

Tote it all today in your very own TOTE ALL!

B is for Bag…

Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on April 8, 2011

Get on the Horn for Buckhorn™!

Northern Bag & Box Company is pleased to represent Buckhorn™ as one of their select few stock distributors in the country for the highly acclaimed Center Flow Container. Also known as the Center Flow SeedBox™ or Buckhorn™ Box, this revolutionary container is taking the agricultural market by storm. As customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, this reusable plastic box is ideal for transporting, storing and dispensing small, granular products like seed or feed.

With a 2,500 pound carrying capacity, the SeedBox™ Container measures 56.5” long and 45” wide and has a 58.3 cubic foot storage capacity. The height ranges from 39.3” when nested to 65” fully expanded. A smooth-sided interior funnel allows the box to be completely emptied without having to tip it over. With the proper equipment, this container can be used to carry and dispense seed directly to the field. The side access sliding door allows one person to control the rate of product discharge and the bottom is designed with solid oak panels for compatibility with forklifts—it’s its own pallet! Additionally, each box stacks nicely on top of the other optimizing your storage space—up to four boxes can be stacked together. The tight fitting lid protects your valuable commodities from contamination, moisture, rodents, dirt and dust. Plus, it’s completely recyclable!

If you’re looking for a revolutionary product that can be used year after year eliminating the cost of one-time use bags and their disposal, the Buckhorn™ Center Flow Container may be just what you’ve been waiting for. With planting season approaching, Northern Bag & Box Company has an ample supply of this highly sought after reusable Center Flow SeedBox™ on hand and can often times ship them out the same day or next day. But, don’t wait too long; they’re going fast.

Get on the horn today!

Northern Bag & Box sells Buckhorn™!

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B is for Bag…

Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on March 7, 2011

Got Sandbags?

It’s that time of year again. As the weather warms and spring approaches, the possibility of flooding looms in the back of the minds of the folks living in the Red River Valley and throughout the Upper Midwest. In preparation to service the region, Northern Bag & Box Company stocks and sells a large quantity of the area’s sandbags at the most competitive prices around. The inquiry call most often heard of late is, “Got sandbags?”

Sandbags are typically made from burlap or polypropylene but can be made at home if necessary using any strong cloth. Northern Bag & Box stocks woven polypropylene sandbags at the industry standard size of 14”x 26”. The recommendation is to fill them with no more than 35-40 pounds of sand for ease of use but they can hold up to 50 pounds. The warp and weft (the weave) of the material is 10 x 10 per square inch. Denier is the measure of the bag density—the higher the denier the stronger the bag. Deniers stocked range from 700 to 850 with the majority of sandbag inventory at 800. All bags come with built-in closure ties to keep the sand inside and 1600 hours of UVI protection allowing the bags to maintain their strength while exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The sandbag color traditionally stocked is white; however, bright colors are also available which tend to be requested mostly for highway construction jobs but serve the same purpose for flood protection.

The emergency managers from various cities and counties continue to call upon Northern Bag & Box to provide the product necessary to protect their communities. On-demand stock allows for exceptionally quick turn around time—necessary in crisis flooding situations. Individuals have called as well to secure sandbags to protect their private properties—farmsteads, lake cabins, and the like. There have also been inquiries for larger sized bulk bags for similar use. Whatever your flood protection needs, Northern Bag & Box Company is ready and waiting to help.

“Got sandbags?”


B is for Bag…

Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on March 7, 2011

Are You Down with BOPP?

One of the latest trends in the packaging industry is the BOPP bag. You’ve likely heard the term, but do you know what it means?

B:        Biaxially

O:        Oriented

PP:     Polypropylene

 “Biaxially Oriented” means that the polypropylene film is stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and across the machine direction (AMD). When polypropylene is manipulated in this manner, it becomes clear and serves as an excellent packaging material for artistic and retail products.

 Why are BOPP bags becoming so popular? These films offer a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier. In addition, an exciting technique using BOPP film has been developed to enhance the printing of a woven polypropylene bag. By reverse printing the BOPP film, it can then be laminated to an already strong woven polypropylene bag. This allows for the same high quality graphic printing on woven bags previously only found on multi-wall paper and polyethylene bags.

BOPP bags are taking more and more of the market share from the multi-wall bag industry. The glossy, slick, professional print of the BOPP film along with its economical pricing and legendary strength gives it strong shelf appeal and the reputation of becoming the overall printed bag of choice.

Perhaps it’s time for you to give this revolutionary bag a try. Next time you’re looking for a printed bag, you might consider this product. Contact us today to speak with one of our highly qualified sales team about this new option.

Are you down with BOPP?


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Posted in Welcome by Northern Bag and Box Company on January 22, 2008

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