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Posted in B is for Bag... by Northern Bag and Box Company on May 17, 2011

TOTE ALL: A Bag & Box All in One

It’s a bag. No, it’s a box! It’s a box and a bag!

Northern Bag & Box Company now stocks the totally versatile TOTE ALL. This sturdy woven polypropylene product folds like a box but carries like a bag. Measuring roughly 18” x 17” x 15”, the TOTE ALL has a striking green and white exterior, black and white interior, and braided green and white handles. This bag-in-a-box comes packaged thirty-two in a carton and can hold up to 100 pounds.

The TOTE ALL is the perfect re-usable choice for many of your miscellaneous household and office needs.

The TOTE ALL stands open by itself, making it ideal for one person. It’s especially handy in the lawn and garden arena making it the perfect re-usable receptacle for gathering weeds, grass clippings, leaves, and branches making yard clean-up quick and easy. It works wonderfully for gathering up harvested fruits and vegetables as well. Wash it out with the garden hose and re-use it year after year. It works wet or dry.

The TOTE ALL is also ideal for transporting firewood, laundry, groceries and just about anything you can imagine. Throw it in the back of your car, truck, boat, or trailer to keep things in place and your vehicle neat and tidy. Fill it with your beach gear on your next vacation. Collect and sort your recyclables. Store your sports equipment, children’s toys, camping gear, tools, and pet supplies. It’s the ultimate transportable junk drawer!

Around the office, the TOTE ALL is great for collecting papers to shred, storing files, and moving just about anything. When you’re finished, fold it up flat for easy storage. Don’t miss out on this bag and box all in one.

Tote it all today in your very own TOTE ALL!

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